Remove food supply?

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since our last update. A lot has happened in the past 2 weeks; we’ve been testing our ideas on how to make Conqueror Final Conquest simpler for casual gamers while ensuring the game continues to deliver on providing a solid gaming experience. My advice to designers out there who are tweaking their game is to:

1. Test one variable at once. Changing 5 different rules at the same time will make it difficult to identify what changes worked and what changes didn’t.

2. Test each change with all the different player modes. In this case, I tested each change for 2,3,4,5, and 6 player games

3. Test the game with people who have played your original game. They can give you feedback on whether the game is better, worse, or different

The first variable I tested for was removing the food supply component. In Conqueror, players have to feed their armies. This is done by controlling territories that have farms within them. The number of farms you have dictates the maximum number of units you can have in play. Removing this game mechanic was expected to cause a few challenges:

1. In the original game, players had to make interesting choices of whether to prioritize acquiring and defending territories that had food supply and thus expand their army, or focus on territories that provided money that can be used later on to buy powerful hero cards. Without food supply to worry about, the game may no longer be interesting enough for players as it reduces the trade-offs they have to contend with which was a major source of appeal to players.

2. There will be territories on the map that are rendered useless to occupy (as they only have farms as a resource).

3. The rule is going to cause much larger armies to roam around the map. This may extend game time as it becomes more difficult to defeat an opponent decisively.

We tested the game on multiple occasions and kept our eye on these potential drawbacks. What we found was that playing without food supply definitely reduces the depth of the game. However, it still delivered on a fun experience that provided players with plenty of strategic conundrums. Additionally, the game time has actually improved slightly. Finally, though it does feel like some territories are pointless to have with the “no food supply” rule, these empty territories didn’t affect the gaming experience in any negative manner. Instead, we made a few adjustments to the starting positions of the player armies in Greece and Persia

I personally love the food supply mechanic but I understand why casual gamers have found this to be a difficult concept to grasp. Given that the game still functions without food supply and is still able to deliver a solid strategy experience, we will be removing the food supply mechanic from the beginner mode of Conqueror and reserving it to classic and emperor modes (difficulty medium and high respectively).

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know


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