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The Factions

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​With fear and adrenaline running through her royal veins, Queen Elissa of Tyre and several of her followers took their chance; a sprint towards the shores of Lebanon to escape certain death. As the Queen set sail through the Mediterranean, she eventually found a new home in what is now known as Tunisia.

In 814 BC, 72 years before the establishment of Rome, Elissa and her refugees would form an alliance with the Berbers in Africa to create a new city that would eventually become the richest and most powerful empire in the Mediterranean.

Now 500 years since its establishment, the Carthaginian empire controls most of North Africa and the Western Mediterranean, and has its eyes set on conquering the rest of Sicily and the Iberian Peninsula. The only thing standing in its way is Rome. Under the command of Hannibal the Great, can Carthage finally defeat Rome and reign supreme?

Game Strategy

It is imperative that Carthage secures its lands in North Africa. This may require a peace treaty with Egypt or a direct attack. Carthage also needs to expand its maritime empire to secure the resources needed to fight its foes. The Iberian Peninsula can provide such resources and is an arm’s reach away, though this may put Carthage on a collision course with Gaul.


Alternatively, Carthage can sail across the Mediterranean to vanquish Rome once and for all.  To help with this, an alliance with the Greeks to attack Rome on two fronts could be beneficial to both parties.


To succeed in its campaign, Carthage much be vigilant, brave and utilize diplomacy to its advantage.

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