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The Factions

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Occupying and controlling most of Western Europe, the Celts were a group of tribes that shared similar beliefs, religion and culture. Of the many Celts inhabiting Europe, the Gauls was perhaps the most powerful, dominating the lands north and west of Alpes, and reaching their zenith during the 3rd century BC.

Yet despite their commonalities and occasional collaboration, the Gauls were never united under a single ruler or government and were constantly fighting one another. Now, faced with the threat of a powerful Roman Republic, Gallic tribes must set aside their difference and unite to face this threat. They also need to confront Carthage which has increasingly encroached on their sphere of influence in present day Spain. Can Gallic tribes face these threats together? Or will they fail and fall?

Game Strategy

Gaul is threatened by both Carthage and Rome in the south and west respectively. It must decide quickly on which nation to confront and which to make peace with. If Gaul chooses to fight against Rome, it could secure the Alpes before the Romans do and build a strong defensive and offensive position there. On the other hand, if Gaul chooses to attack Carthage, it could choose to secure Iberia before Carthage does. Gaul could also choose to use the Dniper to its advantage and expand its territories at the expense of Greece and Persia. Gaul has endless possibilities, but it must act quick!

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