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The Factions

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If you take a stroll down the busy streets of Cairo, you will often hear the phrase “Egypt is the world’s mother”. It very well could be. Stretching from the Mediterranean in the North to the harsh deserts in the South and centered around the awesome river that is the Nile, Egypt is one of the oldest and most accomplished civilizations the world. Its history is filled with wonders of architecture and human ingenuity, advanced medicine and learning, and great men and women who shaped the history of this world. At its peak, Egypt dominated large swaths of land in Africa and the Levant, and despite several shocks and invasions over thousands of years, the nation always recovered and regained its status as a world power.

But as the third century BC approaches, the hay day of the powerful Egyptian empire is long gone. Having suffered from the conquest and rule of the Persian empire followed by that of Alexander the Great and the Ptolemaic dynasty, Egypt is weak and still searching for an opportunity to regain its power and sovereignty. This opportunity has now come; the recent turmoil facing its enemies have given Egypt its best chance to recover its reputation as a great nation. Can Egypt weather the storm and create a Thirty Second Dynasty?  

Game Strategy

Egypt’s biggest vulnerability is in the East. For thousands of years, many invaders including the Persians have attacked Egypt through Palestina and the lands surrounding it. Thus, securing Palestina early on will help repulse future attacks. It can also serve as a launching pad to attack the Persians in their heartland, or capture Syria and Asia Minor which the Egyptians have coveted since the days of Ramsus the Great.

To the west, Libya can provide the food supplies needed to build a strong and powerful army. However, it must be protected against Carthage which may seek to capture this vital region.


Lastly, Egypt must not forget its history with the “Sea People”, a mysterious race that invaded Egypt from the sea in the North and caused havoc across the country in the 12th century BC. Control of the Eastern Mediterranean may be necessary to block future attacks from the Greeks or Romans who desire the riches and food supplies offered by Egypt and Africa as a whole.

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