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Game Strategy

We are pleased to announce the release of "Conqueror: Duels", a FREE 2 player expansion that is available for download below. Initially, "Conqueror: Duels" was going to be released as an expansion pack for $15.99. 

However, with the coronavirus forcing many of our customers to stay home, we believe it is our duty to keep people entertained for no additional cost. We have redesigned the expansion pack so that "Duels" can be played using components of the original game only. 

Thank you all for your support and we hope you stay healthy and safe.

About Duels

The Expansion consists of a standard 2 player game and 5 scenarios you can play from: 


Standard 2 Player Game

There are 4 historic scenarios that allow players to relive some of the most historic campaigns of the ancient world. These are scenarios 1,2,3 and 5. 


The 4 scenarios allow players to play as different factions and vary in difficulty and time required to complete the game. On average, a scenario can be played in 15-30 minutes. 


Each scenario has a unique set of rules that make it distinct from the original game and other scenarios The 4 historic scenarios are as follows:

 I - Second Punic War (Rome vs Carthage)

 II - Gallic Wars (Rome vs Gaul)

 III - Alexander's Conquest (Greece vs Persia)

 V - First Syrian War (Persia vs Egypt)

Second Punic War picture.jpg

Historical Scenarios

Duels Scenario picture.jpg

Anyone who has played "Conqueror: Final Conquest" before can learn "Duels" in less than 3 minutes. The standard game pits Rome against Carthage in the battle for supremacy of the Western Mediterranean. The game has a number of updates to Final Conquest; turn proceedings have been changed to allow players to recruit units and heroes at the same time. We have also added new rules to battles that will make it possible for defeated armies to inflict damage on victorious ones

Fictional Scenarios

The 4th scenario is a fictional scenario that imagines a world where Alexander The Great was assassinated before he conquered Persia. The world you will explore sees Persia conquering Greece and Egypt and locking horns with the Roman Empire in what can only be described as the first world war.


The war is fought on the large 5-6 player map with theaters of war in Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean. The scenario may take an hour or more to play and is our favorite to date! It has a number of new rules including the ability to rally your empire after loosing significant ground to your rival. 

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