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​Nothing could stop Rome; for it was destined to rule the world. From humble beginnings, this small city would turn into the world’s most revered and powerful empire that ruled Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa for more than 600 years. But what if you can rewrite history? What if you can stop Rome? What if you can create a different world?

“Conqueror: Final Conquest” is a fun strategy board game for 2-6 players. Set in the 3rd century BC, you and your friends play as one of 6 nations (Rome, Carthage, Egypt, Greece, Persia, and Gaul) battling for power to conquer and rule the ancient world.  Form alliances, go to war, betray your friends, bribe your enemies, feed your armies and recruit heroes to build an everlasting empire.

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​The Story

The Factions

6 powerful nations are competing to rule the ancient world. At the center, the powerful Roman Republic has conquered Italy and is seeking to become the undisputed superpower of its age.

To its West, Gaul  looks to unite its tribes to take on the Roman threat while Carthage is seeking trade and riches by dominating the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Finally, to the East, Greece, Persia and Egypt look to recover their former glory and rebuild their powerful empires once more.

Amid the chaos, only the ruthless will thrive and achieve glory… which of these nations will be crowned conquerors? Who is Bound for Glory?

The Reviews

Dave Shapiro

One of the best Civilization alternatives ever published. That may appear a bold statement but it is accurate. This is what Mare Nostrum should have been - not Settlers in ancient Europe but Civilization playable in an evening

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