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  • Who rolls the dice for the independent armies (white armies)?
    No one does. Dice are not used when fighting an independent army. In order to beat an independent army, all you have to do is attack it with a superior force. Once you do, you automatically win the battle.
  • Do you win a gold coin if you beat an independent army?
  • If you defeat an independent army, can your victorious army move or attack again during that turn?"
  • Can you use a hero card to defeat an independent army?
    Yes, you can. However, we would recommend saving your cards for battling other players
  • If you use a hero card while battling an independent army, would you claim the benefits of the card if you are victorious?"
    Yes. For example, Carssus's card states that if you are victorious in battle, you will earn 6 currency. If you use this card on an independent army, you would earn 6 currency upon victory.
  • If I defend my capital, do I receive a defensive bonus of +7 (+4 from the capital, +2 from the great fort and +1 from all territories)"
    No, the total defensive bonus you receive from the capital is +4 only (it is not accumulative – you do not add +2 and +1). Similarly, a territory with a great fort that is not your capital will receive a total bonus of +2 only (not +3)
  • If I leave my capital empty, I still maintain control over it. However, what happens if someone attacks it while its empty? Does the defensive bonus still count? Do I still roll the dice?"
    Yes your bonus still counts as an army and you still roll the dice. You can also still use a hero card. I.E: your battle strength will be +4 plus any hero cards and the number of your dice roll.
  • If I conquer another player's capital, do I earn a +4 defensive bonus when defending it?"
    No. You only gain a +4 defensive bonus when defending your nation's capital. This is because another nation's capital population will be hostile towards their occupiers. Only a +2 defensive bonus is gained due to the presence of a large fort.
  • Can you repurchase a hero card if you have purchased and used all your hero cards?
    The official answer is “No”. However, we understand many players prefer to play with the option to repurchase your hero cards once you have exhausted them all. We do not see any issues with this; it makes the game slightly easier, especially in 6 player games.
  • During the Hun attack, if the players lose, the lowest bidder loses a hero card. Can this hero card be repurchased?"
    Yes it may be repurchased by the player during his turn as it was never played to begin with.
  • Do I have to reveal my hero card when purchasing a card?
    No. You do have to reveal the price though so other players can check if you are paying the right amount
  • Do armies occupying a sea territory gain a defensive bonus of +1 when they are attacked?
  • Can two player armies occupy the same sea territory
    No. Like land territories, 2 or more players cannot occupy the same sea territory
  • If a defender loses a battle, its units cannot retreat from a land territory into the sea. What if an army is defeated at sea? Can it retreat to a land territory?"
    Yes, units at sea can retreat into land territories provided they are unoccupied or occupied by that player.
  • Can we play without the timer and bribing mechanism?
    You can. Rules for doing so have been outlined in out rulebook update which can be downloaded here
  • Can we play without the Chronicle Cards?
    The chronicle cards are a key part of the game; they mimic real life in how random events can affect your strategy and plans. We do not recommend playing without drawing the cards. Just make sure you shuffle them properly before doing so. If this is your first time playing, you may choose not to use them until you have learnt the other rules of the game.
  • Right now, the turn order is fixed (the first player always plays first). Can the turn order change every round (so that the player who went first last round would go second or last the next round and so forth)?"
    This rule has been changed as outlined in our rulebook update which can be downloaded here
  • If your attacking army wins a battle, does it have to use its extra move / action immediately or can I move another unit before moving my victorious army again?"
    This is not specified in the rule book. A player should immediately move his victorious armies again before moving any other unit.
  • Can we play with a round limit?
    If you are short on time and would like to play a quick game, it might be best to introduce a 10 round limit to the game. How it Works: The game ends if 1. A player controls any 5 forts (or more) and holds them for one round. That player wins the game OR 2. There are no more chronicle cards to draw (and no player has achieved the victory condition yet). In this case, players tally up their victory points. Players gain +5 VP for each capital they control (their capital or another player's capital). They also gain +3VP for any large fort they control (except for capitals). Finally, they gain +2 points for any small fort they control. The player with the highest victory points wins the game. In case of a tie, the player with the most units wins the game. In case of another tie, the player with the most currency wins the game. If 2 or more players are still tied, victory is shared among the winning players.
  • The Hun chronicle cards confused me. Who are the goths?
    Unfortunately this is a typo. Goths should have been written as Huns. Our apologies
  • Can you attack a territory from two or more territories?
    No. As as specified in the manual, your army must attack from the same territory.
  • What is the ideal number of players for the game?
    4 or 5 player games are ideal
  • What happens if I successfully bribe an enemy unit and turn it into my own but in doing so, I exceed my food supply?"
    You must never exceed your food supply. As such, eliminate any excess units (of your choosing) immediately
  • How many dice does each player roll during battle?
    One Dice
  • Can you attack another player with a weaker army?
    Yes. Nothing prevents you from trying your luck though you will be at a disadvantage
  • What is North Africa? (it is mentioned in a number of missions)
    North Africa is colored in yellow. Its borders stretch from Thebes all the way to Berber.
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