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Its been a week since my last update; I’ve been using this time to simplify my game in order to create a “beginner game mode” version of Conqueror that can target casual gamers. Simplifying your game is often the most difficult task for a game designer. Here are a few tips that I hope you find helpful!

1. Don’t add any rules or exceptions to the rules. There are no exceptions to this rule

2. Find out what confuses people about your current game and strip it out. If you have played or playtested your game enough, you probably know the common mistakes or things that take people more time to learn. In Conqueror Final Conquest, these were:

a. Defensive bonuses

b. Independent armies

c. Food supply

d. Ability to attack twice in one round if your first attack was successful

e. Chronicle cards

3. Maintain what is unique about the game. In my case, the bribery mechanism is unique and shouldn’t be stripped away even if it adds some complexity to the game

4. Reduce setup time: The less components to place on a board, the better. In my case, removing independent armies reduces set up time by a goo 30sec to 1min.

My next task is to playtest these new rules and figure out if the game would still work and would still be enjoyable. Do you think I missed something? Would you be willing to playtest the game (keeping in mind it targets casual gamers)


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In this edition, I wanted to highlight what makes the planned expansion of Conqueror Final Conquest so unique. In a nutshell, the expansion aims to embed 6 different games within the same game. Thus, when someone purchases the game, they will be purchasing 6 awesome strategy games all at once for the price of one game. The 6 games are:

1. Multiplayer game that can be played with 3 difficulties: Beginner, Default, and Advanced Mode

2. 2 player “scenario” games. Players can re-enact 5 or more historic wars between nations such including the Punic wars, Gallic wars, and Alexander’s conquest of Persia.

3. Cooperative 2 player game (more on that in later blogs)

4. Single player game

This is obviously going to be difficult to create. What makes it even more challenging is this isn’t a brand-new game that I am starting from scratch; the expansion must build on the existing board/map, cards and meeples that exist in the base game so I will be limited with what I can do.

I am starting off by creating the beginner version of Conqueror. This will require simplifying the exiting game so that ANYONE aged 8 or more can learn how to play it in under 5 min. This is perhaps the most important version of the game as it will help target the mass market and perhaps the most difficult.

Has anyone worked on an expansion that significantly simplified a previously published game? What do you think is the best way to approach this? Would love to hear your thoughts

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After the successful launch of Conqueror: Final Conquest earlier this year, I am very excited to announce that I am working on launching an expansion pack. It is just an idea for now. Those who know me know how unusual it is for me to announce something I just started working on or thinking about. But I believe this to be necessary…

Over the past few years, I have read blogs from game designers such as Jamey Stegmaier (who hasn’t?) and listened to podcasts such as the boardgame design lab that helped me learn how to design, play test, market, and manufacture boardgames. Cation Arts, the company I founded would have failed if it weren’t for the knowledge I gained by listening to others share their experiences about something we are all passionate about.

This is why it is necessary to start this blog. I hope that it is read by some, and I hope it will help at least one person in their journey towards becoming a game designer or producing a game that will bring laughter and joy to people across the world. Just as important, I hope this blog sparks a conversation that makes every one of us a better game designer. For how do we expect to learn if do not speak honestly and respectfully to one another?

I hope you enjoy reading this if you choose to do so; and I hope you share your experiences and thoughts here too. This is a unique project that not many have embarked on… For this is not a typical expansion pack… I will not add more territories, factions or heroes… rather, I seek to create different versions of the game that can cater for all…. A risk… A Catan.. A Memoir 42.. A Twighlight imperium… all into one. One game to honor them all..

What are your favourite games that incorporate different rules and difficulty levels? Let us know below

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