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What Conqueror's Expansion Is About

In this edition, I wanted to highlight what makes the planned expansion of Conqueror Final Conquest so unique. In a nutshell, the expansion aims to embed 6 different games within the same game. Thus, when someone purchases the game, they will be purchasing 6 awesome strategy games all at once for the price of one game. The 6 games are:

1. Multiplayer game that can be played with 3 difficulties: Beginner, Default, and Advanced Mode

2. 2 player “scenario” games. Players can re-enact 5 or more historic wars between nations such including the Punic wars, Gallic wars, and Alexander’s conquest of Persia.

3. Cooperative 2 player game (more on that in later blogs)

4. Single player game

This is obviously going to be difficult to create. What makes it even more challenging is this isn’t a brand-new game that I am starting from scratch; the expansion must build on the existing board/map, cards and meeples that exist in the base game so I will be limited with what I can do.

I am starting off by creating the beginner version of Conqueror. This will require simplifying the exiting game so that ANYONE aged 8 or more can learn how to play it in under 5 min. This is perhaps the most important version of the game as it will help target the mass market and perhaps the most difficult.

Has anyone worked on an expansion that significantly simplified a previously published game? What do you think is the best way to approach this? Would love to hear your thoughts

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mohamed al qadi
mohamed al qadi
Sep 10, 2020

Thanks for the feedback! This is super helpful.

I've never thought of the "chore" element of setting up a game; you are absolutely right this is super important for kids and parents. I also never thought of the lost opportunity perspective; i'll have to tinker accordingly.

I will definitely configure these ideas into the design process. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences on this



Eleven Pandas
Eleven Pandas
Sep 09, 2020

Cool. The game I worked on most seriously was Lost Legends. The game is cool but has an abhorrent imbalance between the different characters. I ADDED mechanics to the game. Things that come easy to understand, and thus made it possible to win with any character, regardless of player order or luck. I made strategy and 'mathing-it-out' worth it. When adjusting a game with preteens in mind (like my 6 year old), I throw away 'points' first and foremost. I remove as many sources of downtime as possible. And I make the game all about what's funny, or cool looking. I minimize, or omit 'reminders' of lost opportunity. I don't remove the fact of the lost opportunity. I just…

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