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Game Strategy:


The independent nation occupying the Alps will prevent Rome from expanding into Europe and acquiring the necessary resources to fight its foes. It is thus imperative to capture the Alps early on and use it as a launching pad for future conquest. However, be careful not to expose your southern borders to invading forces from the sea, most notably Carthage and Greece who remain interested in capturing Sicily and Corsica.


Additionally, Rome cannot fight Gaul, Greece and Carthage at the same time. It might be best to sue for peace with one or two of these nations. Otherwise, Rome can strike an alliance with Persia and/or Egypt to keep Carthage and Greece occupied while it deals with Gaul first.


Legend has it that Rome was founded by a prince who escaped Troy as the city was raised to the ground. Others think that it was founded by twins, Romulus and Remus, who were suckled by a she-wolf. Despite conflicting legends and myths about its founding, there is no denying that Rome grew from a small city in 753 BC, controlled by the Etruscans, to become a powerful independent republic. And though it was sacked by the Gauls in 390 BC, Rome persevered and eventually established hegemony over the entire Italian Peninsula.


Now, in the third century BC, Rome seeks to export its superior ways to the rest of the world. Nothing short of absolute power will satisfy its leaders; for Rome cannot be denied. It has a destiny to fulfill.

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