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Game Strategy:


Persia must expand quickly to secure the strategic positions of Asia Minor and Palestina before the Greeks and Egyptians do so respectively. Failure to do so will prevent Persia from expanding further and securing the necessary resources to build a great army. It will also expose its heartland to the threat of a devastating invasion. 


The Persians could also rely on their diplomacy to pacify Egypt or Greece as to avoid fighting a war on two fronts. Alternatively, they could strike a deal with Rome or Carthage to engage their enemies and keep them occupied while Persia secures its position.


Hailing from the rugged Zargos mountains of Asia, the fierce warriors of Persia conquered the Iranian heartland and established a powerful dynasty in 550BC. Since then, and under the leadership of great kings such as Cyrus the Great, Persia expanded East and West to capture Babylon, Asia Minor, the Levant, and Egypt. In the process, Persia built the world’s most formidable empire. Indeed, it seemed that nothing can stop Persia from dominating the entire world.


The challenge to its supremacy came from the unlikeliest of challengers; a number of small Greek city states who successfully defeated the Persian invasions in the 5th century BC and maintained their independence. Then, in 330 BC, the Greeks who were finally united under the leadership of Alexander the Great, would strike back, attacking and conquering the Persian empire.


Since Alexander’s death, the Parthian dynasty rules a newly invigorated Persia. The Parthians seek to reestablish Persian dominance over all lands and finally conquer Europe. Can the Persians finally achieve their dream of world dominance this time around?

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