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Companion Cavalry - Elite Units Part 3

Metals clash, footsteps rumble, and men flee the battlefield. The Greek war machine has arrived, chewing up its enemies and marching on with the sole aim of conquering the world. At the heart of this beast is the legendary Macedonian Phalanx; closely knit, highly drilled, well armored, and equipped with long vicious spears. These men absorbed the enemy punishment then steamrolled their foes with ease.

But Alexander’s elite units are not the phalanx. Rather, they are the companion cavalry that accompanied him on the battlefield. These brave and talented horsemen wreaked havoc on enemy lines, stalking them, encircling them, and dealing the final blow. They would even gallop across the battlefield and slay enemy commanders, demoralizing their opponents.

In Conqueror: The Empire Rises (our new working title), Greece can deploy companion cavalry for a cost of 3 gold. These elite units have a total strength of +3, making them the second strongest Elite units in the game (stay tuned for part 4 to find out which unit is the strongest).

It may be best to recruit these units early on and sprint towards Asia Minor to capture it before the Persians or Egyptians do so themselves. Alternatively, the companion cavalry can fall back to their capital (giving the capital a total defensive strength of +7), allowing the rest of your army to roam free without the worry of other players attacking you in your flank.

How would you use these legendary units? Share your thoughts below!

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