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War Elephants Coming to Conqueror - Elite Units Part 4

It was a sight to behold; a sight that would make men tremble. The wild beasts of Africa, towering over the battlefield, almost blocking the sun, rampaged towards the roman infantry and cavalry units that lay in front of them. Romans fled, others were trampled, and some fell to the arrows of the archers perched on top of the beasts known as warrior elephants. There was nothing that could stand toe to toe with them as they wreaked havoc among enemy lines, allowing the Carthagians to take advantage of the disorganized Romans and catch them unprepared.

In Conqueror: The Empire Rises, the legendary Carthagian War Elephants will make their way into the battlefield, providing Carthage with the most powerful unit of the game. With a land strength of +4 and a cost of 4 gold only, these units are bound to even the odds against Carthage’s powerful enemies. In terms of strategies, it may be best to concentrate them on campaigns that are targeting defensive strongholds or capitals so they may negate the defender’s advantage. Just ensure your Warrior Elephant is not caught in battle at sea for they are weaker there (+2 strength) and can be destroyed before they reach enemy shores

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