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Hello Friends!

General Update:

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated you on Conqueror: the Empire Rises. Over the past few months, we were busy launching 2 new projects coming to Kickstarter soon:

  1. - a fun 1v1 wrestling card and dice game including playable characters like Randy Savage, Kurt Angle, and The British Bulldog.

  2. - Our tableau building, euro/strategy game for 3-5 players that has already sold 1,000 copies in presales here in the UAE.

Conqueror Updates:

We will be positing two blogs this month:

  1. This blog will cover Rome’s Elite Unit

  2. Our next blog will reveal the special abilities of each faction that makes each faction even more unique.

Rome Elite Units: The Legionaries

They are perhaps the most competent and feared elite unit of the ancient world. Well recruited, well equipped, and well trained, few units could match the bravery, skills and experience that the legionaries brought to the battlefield. They served the backbone of the army and were responsible for Rome’s dominance in the ancient world.

Abilities and tactics:

A Legionnaire can be purchased for 3 gold units and has a strength of +2 in battle. Additionally, the legionaries gain +1 strength when attacking a fort.

Given their special ability, legionaries are perfect for launching attacks against fortified positions. This makes them ideal to lead roman armies in their attacks against other empires and barbarians alike.

They can also be recruited early in the game and used to conqueror the Alpes quickly. This may allow Rome to conqueror Europe and its vast resources before other players have a chance to properly react.

Next up: faction special abilities

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