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War Chariots - Elite Units Part 5

After dominating the battlefield for hundreds of years, war chariots were eventually displaced by cavalry units that were considered to be more mobile and agile. Yet Egypt’s War Chariots are still Elite units that can turn the momentum of any battle. Their reinforced armor and weaponized chariots gives them an edge in close combat while their archers can hit enemy units from a distance. More importantly, chariots can be extremely effective against infantry units as they maul them down and break their lines.

In the Conqueror: The Empire Rises, Chariots can be recruited for 3 gold and provide +2 strength in battle. More importantly, they gain a +1 strength when engaged against infantry units.

Due to their effectiveness against infantry units, Chariots are best deployed against armies containing infantry units. Alternatively, they can be deployed against lightly guarded enemy territories (often with 1 infantry unit) to derive the enemy of their food supply or small forts. Finally, the chariots can be recruited early in the game to allow Egypt to take control of the strategically important territories of Asia Minor, Palestina and Syria before the Greeks and Persians do so respectively.

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