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Immortals - Elite Units (Part 1)

Hello Conquerors,

This month’s blog will be focus on the new Elite units that will be added to the Emperor Mode Expansion we are currently working on. Today, we cover the infamous Persian Immortals:

"They will darken the sky with their arrows… they will shred their enemies with their swords.. they will replenish their ranks and honor their fallen… they are immortal warriors… and they are unstoppable…"

About Persia’s Immortals

Immortals were Persia’s elite heavy infantry units that protected the Persian King and formed the heart of the Persian Army. They were fierce, loyal and agile. Unlike other heavy infantry units, the immortals were skilled melee fighters AND excellent marksmen who utilized bows, spears and swords.

Immortals in the Game

In Emperor Mode, Persia can recruit an Immortal unit by paying 4 gold. Immortals have a battle strength of +2, similar to a cavalry unit. However, what makes an immortal warrior deadly is his archery skills. Before enemy infantry or cavalry units engage in melee battle, immortals have the chance to inflict damage on their enemies with their bows.

To do so, a player rolls one dice/die before the melee battle ensues. If the player rolls a D4, the enemy army must eliminate one of its cavalry units. This is called a “hit”. If the enemy army has no cavalry units, an infantry unit is eliminated.

Additionally, if the player is unsuccessful in their first try (the player rolls a D3 or below), the player may choose to re-roll the dice again with a maximum number of 2 rolls per battle. The ability to re-roll the dice means Immortals have a >50% chance of scoring a “hit” before the melee battle commences.


Recruiting an immortal unit early in the game may allow Persia to conquer independent armies faster than their foes and thus establish good defensive positions against both Egypt and Persia. They also help provide a powerful counter to Egypt’s lethal archers. Finally, their ability to serve as multipurpose units (heavy infantry and archers) provides Persia with maximum flexibility in the battle tactics it can employ

What do you think about Persia’s immortals and how do you think they should be used? As units protecting your flank? Or as units leading your attacks and territorial expansion?

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